About Us

I started this business in 2014. I rented out a partial 200ft space in an existing shop in the Tower District. I could only fit 2 small desks. I had no idea if business would take off and was so grateful that within 6 months I outgrew the space and moved to my own space off of Shaw / Blackstone. Within a year, I outgrew that space and moved north to a bigger location near Bullard / 41.

I reopened because I can provide honest service in these hard times. I am upfront and will communicate with you throughout the repair process. I am here to hopefully make your life a bit easier so you can focus on other matters.

Carlos Diaz - Founder

I have been working on computers since I was 13. The week I turned 18, I was the youngest to work for the federal government doing networking, data and security. I spent 8 years at various departments within the government. I briefly worked for Xerox and Sony but thought, why keep working for these big companies when I can do it myself?

In December of 2019 I moved abroad to Asia and planned to travel all of 2020. Due to Covid-19 I evacuated back to the United States to take care of my parents. In July, I decided to reopen my business and I feel I can provide a honest service where everyone is working from home.

I am a runner, yoga enthusiast, vipassana meditation practitioner and love trekking the outdoors.

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