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What we DO?

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We service all PC’s (HP, Dell, Lenovo etc.) and most Apple MAC’s (iMac, Macbooks).

Dropped your laptop? Accidentally closed it with a pen on your keyboard? We replace damaged screens and assemblies. We offer brand new and at times used screen replacements (save money on higher end screens) to suit your budget.

Computer not starting? No video? Blue Screen of Death? Lets recover all your pictures, documents and personal files and I will walk you through on how to prevent this from happening again. Please remember to back up your data frequently.

Lets make your computer as fast as possible. ⚡️
We will remove programs that you do not need, update all your operating systems and drivers, tune up the hard drive and recommend any potential low cost upgrades.

We use over 10 programs and 20+ years of experience to remove all viruses, malware and spyware. Lets make your computer 100% safe to use.

Need help purchasing a new computer? When you buy a new computer it usually comes bloated with trial software, outdated operating systems that need hours of updates. Allow me to tune up the computer and install the Valley Support Software suite ( 30+ best open-source programs for safety, productivity and fun)

We’re here to get it right.

May 2023 marks 10 years of doing business! Thank you so much Fresno for keeping small business alive and thriving ☺️

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I do all the technical repair, communication, marketing… i do it all! I treat each client as family and will always do what is in your best interest. No employees here, only a small business owner that loves fixing things!

I started fixing computers at the age of 13. At 18 I was the youngest to start working for the Federal Government and spent 7 years doing IT data analysis. I briefly worked for Sony and Xerox before founding my business in 2013. Best decision to start my own business 🙂

 I understand how important your computer is to you and I will always strive to keep you in constant communication whether by call, text or video updates.

Most computers are done within 24hrs of dropoff. If we need to order any parts I will give you tracking information and as soon the part is delivered I get to work.

I was born and raised in small farm town Reedley, Ca. (40 min SE of Fresno) to a family that worked in packing houses and fields. My parents taught me the value of honest hard work and how you will ALWAYS prevail if you stay true to yourself and treat others with love and kindness.

Yoga has changed my entire life and decided to get certified and become an instructor. I currently teach 3x a week at a local studio.I believe a healthy body = healthy mind = healthy business and lifestyle. I am committed to being honest and being up front in all aspects of life and business.

(Half a block away from Fig Garden Village)

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